Online Pilgerreise Südfrankreich – 2021 – in Englischer Sprache

2021 online pilgrimage

3 sessions of one hour live – Mary Magdalene online pilgrimage.

Dear Friends of Mary Magdalene, pilgrims of the heart of love, We were  very happy to have the opportunity to share these moments of joy, communion and hope with you. An hour and a half break in the midst of this chaos!It was such a joy to be your speakers and guide, a pleasure for us to share our deep devotion to Mary Magdalene. We walked together in her footsteps. The energy of the group carried us and did us good. They were wonderful moments, bringing hope and support to the community.

Mary of Magdala, Mary the tower…

With all that has been happening throughout the world, we realize the importance of developping and maintaining a spiritual pratice.A spiritual path helps to keep us grounded, mindful and connected.We need to have a sense of belonging.When I wake up in the morning, I am happy to realize that I am part to a community, I contribute to something. I matter. I am integrated, I am not alone.We need to belong to a group with the same goals. We have ressources in this community, we share the wisdom to be guided and supported.It is important to develop this connectedness, to ask questions, to help each others.
Mary Magdalene offers us the way to face chaos and guides us towards healing, wholeness and joy.Thanks to the social media, available to us, we can develop this community.This is why, as we announced in the last session, we have decided to continue these meetings, once a month.
Our meetings will be every second Saturday of the month.
The next one is scheduled on Saturday, February, 13th at 5.00 pm CET / 8.00 AM PT/ 10.00 AM CT / 11.00 AM ET
Access to the recorded versions

As we’ll be the day before Valentine Day, our first topic will be „Mary Magdalene – The Power of Love“
We hope you will consider joining us for these journeys with Jesus, Mary Magdalene and all saints and mystics who knew how to pause to praise the beauty in the world and how to bring forth the beauty deep inside the heart.

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SAVE the dates 02/13/21 & 03/13/21 & 04/10/21
Topics of the next sessions :
02/13/21 : „Mary Magdalene : the Power of Love“
03/13/21 : „Hidden treasures of „sight“ in the Basiliqua of Mary Magdalene –

Part 1
04/10/21: „Mary Magdalene & Mother Mary“.
How unconditional love can help us to transform pain into joy. Transforming pain into profound spiritual growth.
 May Mary Magdalene fill your day with stillness, beauty  and silence.
With love and every blessings,
Marion & Veronique

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MM Statue in der Basilika

How can we cope with these difficult times that we are living in today, with fear, anguish, illness and loneliness?
That is why I suggest you follow these 3 pilgrimage sessions online, alongside Mary Magdalene to start the year 2021.
Especially in unusual times like these, being supported by the energy of our circle of Sisterhood, following Mary Magdalene helps us to face adversity, to remain strong and inspired even in the midst of the chaos around us.

And for that, I will have the pleasure to lead this virtual sacred journey with Veronique Flayol spiritual teacher and guide in the personal development of the sacred feminine. We offer you a ray of light in these dark times. Join our Circle of Magdalene’s friends. Walk on her footsteps in Provence from your home, as if you were a live participant. So, engage fully with the experience, until it is possible for you to travel and join us in person.

My friend Veronique Flayol from France


Basilika von Maria Magdalena


Objective of this Mary Magdalene online pilgrimage :

  • Give Hope : Mary Magdalene as a light house in our life. Even in the midst of darkness, light can be found.
  • Give inner strength and confidence We have hidden unexpected resources within us. It’s up to us to see them and make them grow.

Connect people : Friends are meeting new friends to create a supportive community. We are not alone facing these difficult times.

Program you can still purchase or first 3 sessions from January 2021:

  • January, 16, 2021. The arrival of Mary Magdalene in Provence. We will present to you what we call the Provencal Tradition. Our pilgrimage will lead us to Les Saintes Maries de la mer, the place where the story of Mary Magdalene and her companions began, after their departure from Palestine.
  • January, 23, 2021. Meeting the Bethany Family : Mary Magdalene, Martha, her sister and Lazarus, her brother. Their itinerary through Provence to begin the evangelization.
  • January, 30, 2021. Pilgrimage to Saint Baume mountain. At the end of her life, Mary Magdalene retired in a grotto in this sacred mountain. According to the Provencal Tradition, she spent 30 years there. You will virtually follow her steps through the sacred forest once dedicated to Artemis, visit the holy grotto and walk up to the Saint Pilon Chapel at the top of the mountain.

Agenda :

  • 3 live online sessions. 1 hour conference – in English : January 16, 23 and 30, 2021- at 5.00 PM CET / 8.00 AM PT/ 10.00 AM CT / 11.00 AM ET
  • Access to the recorded versions
  • Veronique will virtually guide the visits of the places.
  • Marion will explain how we can translate these topics and messages into our time for our daily benefits.

We offer you two attractive purchase options :

  • 1 session online Promotion Price € 20 (usual price €30)
  • Special offer Package : 3 sessions for €50 (usual price 90€)

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