Gedichte in Englischer Sprache: Inspirationen wie Du Dich von Liebe leiten lassen kannst.

by Marion Hellwig

I am so heavenly guided, my heart is sweetly united.?I am one with myself and with god, I am feeling wonderfully loved.? I put great trust in my spiritual path,?I look out for all signs from heaven above.? I am open for miracles at any time,?I know when they come, this feels so fine.? I experience them and they multiply, gratitude and bliss make me feel high.? This is the natural power of the universe, filled with love of the spirits in heaven and earth.? Filled with love for myself, for my neighborhood, sharing this with each other makes me feel so good.? Allow yourself to be loved, to be valued all the time, – the great hidden treasure of modern times.? Follow your truth – it will show you the way, pray for your inner guidance every day.? Have faith – love comes first where ever you go, feel it – share it – and you will know.